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A little update on our startup:

As most of you already know, Little Big Details is a side project that emerged before we started working on Since then, Little Big Details has grown quite a bit and last week we celebrated a new milestone of having 125.000+ followers on tumblr. 

Building an online design community has been incredibly fulfilling, but now we want to take it to the next level and create an offline design community as well. This brings us back to one of the reasons we created Gidsy: to bring together people from all over world to share, explore & learn about each others’ passions.

Having access to design workshops and tours all over the world will bring a whole new dimension to traveling and exploring your local city and culture. We’d love for you to play a role in making this a reality! You can join us by organizing activities yourself, or you can have a look at what design related activities are already happening.

- Floris & Andrew